KARAOKE collection CD-G

I'm leaving the entertaining business which i have done for almost 6 years so Im selling all my karaoke music.

All my karaoke songs in CDG form on a CD. I have over 320 cds which i took Pic myself. I took a picture of some of the songs i have and took pictures of some of the CDS. T are to many CDS to take pictures of so I took pictures of both.

If you are looking for a list t are to many to to list just give me a call and i'll run down some of the songs i have .

It weighs about 40 pounds.Ok i just got done counting I have exactly 387 CD (CD-G) the are mixed cd (cd-g) a wide variety frome al green to flo rida to toby keith. The cds ( cd-g ) are in awsome condition and they all work.

My karaoke CDs has everything and is all up to date. I also have digital if you perfer. If you buy it now I will pay for the shipping.

The format is cdg of course. The brand is mainly CBE (Chartbuster ent.)1-5 and 7 And SC ( SOUND CHOICE) MM (music maestro)

You'll have everything you need to start up your own dj sevice. I am willing to end the auction early for the right price

congradulations and happy bidding

Feel free to call me for any questions