Karl Rammelt - 1 Photo Signed

1 - 4" x 6" Photo Signed. Signed by Karl Rammelt, Luftwaffe Ace and Knight's Cross Winner with 46 victories including eleven 4-engined victories. In Good Condition.

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This item is part of the Dr. Bryan C. (B.C.) West, Jr. collection. Dr. West, Jr. (1928 - 1993) was an avid dealer/collector of historical documents and other items of historical interest. These items included documents related to Declaration of Independence signors, Inventors, Scientist, Medicine, World War I and World War II notables. Dr. West spent most of his time with working with German WWI and WWII collectibles.

Dr. West was an obstetrician and gynecologist by education and early profession. He was also a private pilot. In his early forty’s, he left the medical profession due to health issues. He then dedicated his full attention to the professional area he enjoyed the most. Dr. West made numerous trips to Germany accompanied, at times, by Hans Rossbach and Jacob Tiefenthaler. Both Tiefenthaler and Rossbach were ambassadors (of sorts) between dealers/collectors and the German WWI and WWII notables. Through these trips and these ambassadors much of his German WWI and WWII collection was acquired.

In 1985, Dr. West was presented
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