**KATHERINE'S DOLL** Giraffe w Salsa Dress

This doll is previously owned by me but VERY well taken care of. She comes to you in "Brand New-like" condition. NO scrapes, NO breaks, NO snags in her outfit...NOTHING!! She is in perfect, pristine condition.
She wears a Salsa dress made out of exquisite fabrics with many layers...MANY layers...M-A-N-Y layers...of ruffles adorned with sequins and various accents. This dress is truly divine...the photos do NOT do this dress justice. Under her dress, she wears a pair of bloomers made of a pink cotton material with gold stars trimmed with colorful lacy trimming. Her face, neck, hands and feet are made of porcelain and handpainted with precise detail. Her feet are wearing little glass slippers painted purple and embellished with sequins and flowers. Her legs are made of a pink "bendy" material for easy and numerous posing. ~Look how elegant she looks sitting with her legs crossed...what a little lady!!~ She tops all of this off with a party hat made of the same exquisite fabric and adorned with sequins and ruffles. She is one of Katherine's larger dolls measuring 32 inches long in the laying position and 17 inches tall in the sitting position. She is truly a sight to behold. She is extremely hard to find as she's been retired. This is the only one on eBay, an incredibly
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