Kathy Van Zeeland red handbag

Va va voom! Look out, world, cuz here you come in this ravishing red handbag from Kathy Van Zeeland! Renowned for her eye-catching patterns and colors, Kathy Van Zeeland has become a favorite of everyday women. With this rarely used and clean bag, now you can join that inimitable force and fight against fashion disaster!

One word comes to mind when cataloguing this bag - pockets! So many for whatever you need - phone, keys, cosmetics, spare change, etc. The main compartment actually boasts three - the middle one, fully zippered, separates the other two, making it easier for you to delineate your items. There is a zippered compartment on the back wall and three pockets along the front wall. But that's just inside! On the outside are 5 more pockets - one on either side of the bag, two small zippered ones on the front, and the large snap closure pocket to which they are adjacent. Fashion meets function, indeed! Big enough for all your essentials plus ten, this is a medium to large bag that suits the needs of women everywhere!

Did I mention the color? A vibrant red that is not too light or too dark - color is admittedly darker in person than in pictures. It graces a faux patent leather material with what I think is a crocodile pattern. Could be alligator, could be nothing. But there are definite small blocks to be seen
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