Rare Kato #10607 VT04 Flying Hamburger Set. Super Nice.

Rare Kato #10607 VT04 Flying Hamburger Set. Super Nice.

This is a pretty rare Kato #10706 Flying Hamburger two car diesel rail car set in the gorgeous purple and cream livery of the SWDE (Southwest German) Railway. Road #877a and #877b. I bought this set new and didn't use it, has maybe 15 minutes track time. It is in perfect cosmetic and perfect mechanical condition. Outstanding paint and decals- no wear at all to the shells, couplers perfect, no damage, scratches, etc. nothing broken or missing, etc. Runs remarkably smooth and slow, with directional red and white lighting. Has all the detail parts still on their sprue, and the special bumpers which are often lost on these units. Really, really cool, and now extremely hard to find. Extremely s light wheel marks. Also, the original packaging is excellent and complete, and instructions. Super nice little rail set, and impossible to find. A bargain at the opening price, which is exactly what I paid for it, marked down from $160.

Insurance is required and included in the S&H on this item.

This lot is being sold to thin/liquidate my HUGE collection of N scale model trains. I bought much of it on ebay, so I know from experience that "untested" often means "couldn't get it to work, so I'll call it untested" and "nothing appears missing or broken" means "from 3 feet away"

I'm not a dealer, but I have more spares, parts, tools and capability in N scale than almost any hobby shop, so if I say it is a parts loco, don't get optimistic and think you can fix it, and if I say I've been through it and it runs well, you need to clean your track before you disagree.

I pack extremely carefully to survive the left-with-a-caged-gorilla treatment so many parcels seem to receive.

I do not use ebay's C-Rating system because people just don't use it correctly, and almost everything I've bought from people who do use it was over-rated. It seems model railroaders who are familiar with the hobby and our toys don't use the rating, and commercial or garage sale buyers unloading estate sale lots are hopelessly optimist or even dishonest in their ratings. Whatever the reason, I just don't agree with the system. I stand by my descriptions. If you want to know more just ask. I've had a lot of fun with my collection, but I need the space and money for my growing family. I hope you enjoy these things as much as I have.

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I DO combine postage for multiple items won. I'll be happy to give you an exact quote after the auction closes.

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I PREFER Paypal. Sorry, no local pickup. I will only ship to your Confirmed Shipping Address if you All Sales are final.

A WORD ABOUT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Shipping internationally has become EXTREMELY expensive. I have just been burned on these charges on another auction and there is nothing I can do about it except to use the shipping calculators. The ebay calculator is now what I go by and it is the only way to prevent expensive surprises for both of us. If the shipping is too much for you, and I think it would be in many cases from what I have just been through, then please do not bid. I'm sorry it is that way. International shipping used to be cheap, and it was reasonable until very recently. This is no longer the case when sending from the USA...

Good Luck and !

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