Kato N 20863-1 Switching Siding Track Set Variation 4 FREE US SHIPPING

The Kato UNITRACK Variation (V) sets are the ultimate expansion track sets, perfect for beginners who are looking to get started in the hobby, while also providing complex structures for those seeking to create more complex and advanced layouts! Starting with the base Master Set, you can expand to create any layout you desire by adding as many Variation sets or individual unitrack pieces as you like! Each Variation set box contains a complete layout landmark, whether it's a staging yard, a passing siding, or a flyover viaduct bridge.
V4 Switching Siding set includes switching siding (2 #4 Turnouts, switch controllers, and straight track). 2 drop tracks provide an ideal companion to the V3 rail yard set.
This set includes:
(4) Kato 248mm 9-3/4" Straight Track
(2) Kato 62mm 2-7/16" Straight Track
(2) Kato 60mm 2-3/8" Beveled Straight Track Left
(2) Kato 60mm 2-3/8" Beveled Straight Track Right
(2) Kato 481mm 15 Degree 19" Curve Track
(1) Kato #4 Left Turnout with 15 Degree 481mm 19" Curve
(1) Kato #4 Right Turnout with 15 Degree 481mm 19" Curve
(2) Kato Turnout Control Switch
NOTE: This set can also be used to make a passing siding with the addition of a few straight pieces.