KATY Southwest -- Steam and Diesel Power Pictorial--

Katy Southwest -- Steam and Diesel Power Pictorial --

by John B. McCall and Frank Schultz III

Katy Southwest is one of the few books published about the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (MKT, Katy). Published in 1985, just prior to purchase by the Union Pacific Railroad, this book is a pictorial overview of the Katy's steam and diesel power. Chapters cover all the steam wheel arrangements, doodlebugs, diesel yard power, passenger and freight power. The front and back covers have color pictures on both sides. The remaining pages contain black and white photos with text, captions, and timetable information. Filled with timetables, b&w photographs, and seven color photographs.

Table of Content:


System Map


Steam Power Overview

4-4-0 American Type

4-4-2 Atlantic Type

2-6-0 Mogul Type

2-8-0 Consolidation Type

0-4-0, 0-6-0 and 0-8-0 Switchers

4-6-0 Ten Wheel Type

2-8-2 Mikado Type

4-6-2 Pacific Type


Diesel Power Overview

Diesel Yard Power

Diesel Passenger Power

Diesel Freight Power

Book: SOFT COVER, 146 pages,

Size: 8.5 x 11 .5 inches

Binding: PAPER


ISBN-13: 978093
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