Keyboard is in great shape. Sounds Amazing!!

Overview: --------- The Kawai K5000 comes in three versions designated by a suffix of S/R/W for synth, rack, workstation. This review concentrates on the K5000S.

The K5000R is identical except for not having the keyboard and maco-buttons, being a rackmount unit.

The K5000W contains the same synthesis engine but also has an additional GM PCM-based synth with 32 voices and a 40-track sequencer. It lacks the macro-buttons

For the K5000 R/W you can get a separate macro-button box.

The K5000 voice isn't too far from the "standard" mould for general synthesizer arcitechtures, meaning that it has a signal chain consisting of oscillators, filters and amplifiers with modulators to go.

However it is also *very* special in that the oscillators are of the additive variety (alternatively you can choose a PCM oscillator). This means that they synthesize the waveform dynamically from a series of 64 harmonics. Each harmonic has it's own loopable amplitude envelope, and the additive oscillator as a whole can be modulated. This means that a dynamically evolving spectrum can be synthesized. You've probably seen those fancy 3-D audio-plots (FFTs)... The K5000 can make these "mountains" of sound.

T are actually two series of harmonics, one SOFT and one LOUD, which
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