KAYFUN Russian rebuildable RBA atomiser Clone

Kayfun 3.1 Russian 91% clone
The Kayfun 3.1 is a rebuildable tank atomizer made from stainless steel, which works on a depression system. It is meant to be wicked with resistance wire and silica string and has an adjustable air flow, which allows an individual setup and vape experience. It includes a filling valve to easily fill the tank, This item comes pre wicked and ready to vape! Technical Features Airflow control to adjust the air flow individually Filling valve for easily filling the atomizer Adjustable 510 connector to fit every mod 701 mouthpiece connection as well as a 510 adapter Collectors tank for catching eventually leaking e-liquid The atomizer is completely demountable for easy cleaning or repairing. Every connection is either screwed together or plugged. Technical data Tank atomizer Diameter stainless steel tank: 22 mm Diameter Polycarbonate tank (accessory): 23 mm length (without driptip and 510er connector): 60mm materials: stainless steel, Polycarbonate Fill volume: 4,5 ml
1 x atomizer base 1 x evaporation chamber (2 pieces) 1 x composite tank (3 pieces) 1 x polycarbonate window (additional middle section of the composite tank) 1 x top cap (for Driptip 701) 1 x driptip 701 1 x adapter 701 -> 510 1 x collectors tank with 510 connector 1 x spare wick and coil O-rings 1 x screw driver 1 x easy fill
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