Kaywoodie THORN, Vintage KBB 7422, Made 1928-33!

Kaywoodie Drinkless THORN, 4 Digit, from 1928-32

This is a wonderful old Thorn model by Kaywoodie from the early production era, rivaling Dunhill's and Sasieni's of that day. The stampings and 4-hole stinger means it was made between 1928 and 1932, though you would not know it from its pristine condition. The stem looks great, near mint, with stinger intact. The bowl shows real nice rustication with ring grain and a nice sandblast surface. Draw hole is bottom center and it draws easy. Pipe's been fully reconditioned and is ready to smoke, stem lines up perfect, no fill and pipe has no issues.

Markings: 7422, KBB Clover Logo, "Drinkless" Kaywoodie, THORN

Approx. Dimensions:

Length - 5 1/2"
Inside diameter of Bowl - 3/4"
Bowl height - 1 5/8"

Kaywoodie has been making pipes since well before the Civil War - around 1851. They peaked in the late 1950's along with most American Briar works. In the early 20 th century, their pipes were the standard others were measured by, along with Sasieni, Charatan and Comoy's. T were few other world-class American pipe-crafters (WDC, early LHS). Their pipes were as good as any of the renowned British firms. Kaywoodie just did not merely produce quantity, they provided quality: in the 1920's they bought the exclusive rights to some of the choicest
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