KBB Yello-Bole Premier oval vest pocket pipe, push stem

The Yello-Bole line used briar that didn't make the grade for Kaywoodie pipes, due to ho-hum grain, aesthetic flaws, and other such issues. Essentially, they were Kaywoodie seconds. Don't let that turn you off -- these humble pipes are real sleepers, often providing a superlative smoke.

This little pipe has an oval-shaped bowl to slip easily in a pocket for a smoke break between acts at the opera, or perchance after a beer at NASCAR. Wver you please. What I wonder is, how do they drill out oval bowls? Must be quite a trick. It also has a flattened bottom for no-tip sitting.

The "Cured with Real Honey" stamp and lack of shape number indicates that it is not one of the very oldest Yello-Boles, which were made with the same superlative aged briar that the 4-digit Kaywoodies used. I have no idea why the stem has a Linkmans logo rather than the usual yellow circle.

This pipe has been lightly smoked and well cared for. Drilling looks good. Unlike most Yello-Boles, this one has a regular push tenon stem with no stinger. As is typical of the briar used in this line, it has at least one fill that I can see, and unremarkable grain.


Left shank: KBB clover logo/Yello-Bole/Cured with Real Honey/Premier/Imported Briar

Left stem: three-dot logo, resembling the Linkmans logo


Issues: A slight wave and a dent on the bottom of the stem, and a few dings on the rim. That's it!

This pipe has been fully cleaned, flushed with boiling alcohol, machine polished, and buffed with carnauba wax.

NOTE: I will combine shipping on multiple pipe purchases.

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