KBCO 97.3 The Best of Sudio C Vol. 3 (CD)

Product Information
Title: KBCO 97.3 The Best of Studio C Volume 3
Format: CD
Primary Artist: Various

Track List:

Polaroids ~ Shawn Colvin (recorded 12/7/1992)
This intimate performance was Shawn Colvin's third visit to Studio "C". She was in Boulder for a sold out solo concert at the Boulder Theater. The entire radio station came to a stand still as the hall outside Studio "C" cluttered with bodies peering through the window to watch this brilliant performer. King of Trash ~ Gavin Friday (recorded 2/8/1993)
Studio "C" is accustomed to accoustic instruments, but this was a first as Irish singer Gavin Friday was accompanied by the unique sounds of a bass clarinet and an accordian. One Kiss ~ Zachary Richard (recorded 2/20/1993)
Zachary Richard brought his cajun accent to Studio "C" while in Boulder for a show at the Fox Theater. This version of "One Kiss" was offered in a session that Zachary squeezed in before soundcheck one Saturday afternoon. Being Simple ~ Judybats (recorded 4/16/1993)
The Judybats drove all night from Salt Lake City to get here in time for a late morning session. They had to get in and out early because Studio "C" was booked that same afternoon for Sonia Dada. What a great day. Joy ~ Fourth Estate (recorded 5/5/1993)
The Fort Collins based trio had never performed
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