Kearny Cross Civil War Medal of Honor

You are bidding on a faithful RECREATION of the:


This medal was never authorized by the United States Government.

If it had been, its manufacture or sale would be illegal.

Tfore, this represents a rare opportunity to own a copy of

an American Medal of Honor!

The Kearny Medal of Honor was a military decoration of the United States Army, which was first established in 1862 during the opening year of the American Civil War. The original decoration was known as the Kearny Medal and was adopted as an unofficial medal by the officers of the 1st Division, 3rd Corps, of the Union Army of the Potomac, which had served under Major General Philip Kearny.

The original Kearny Medal was first bestowed on November 29, 1862, and was awarded to any Union officer who had âeoe performed acts of extreme bravery and heroism in the face of the enemy. âe In 1863, the medal was authorized retroactively to officers who had performed such acts while enlisted soldiers, and had been subsequently commissioned.

[As a point of information, while not offered for sale , on March 13, 18 63, a second version of the Kearny Medal was ordered established as a "Cross of Valor" for enlisted personnel. The new medal, known as the Kearny Cross , was awarded to any Union soldier
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