Keene Dredge: Suction nozzle, flare tube, sluice box

This is a used Keene Submersible Dredge with a 6" Suction nozzle. Total weight is about 37 lbs. and length fully assembled is about 6 1/2 feet. I mostly used the nozzle with a PVC pipe extension to remove overburden from wrecks. I used a 10HP high pressure water pump and it was quite effective, removing several cubic yards of sand and mud per hour. I understand this size nozzle calls for up to a 16 HP pump, and somew in Keene's own specs. I read it will move up to 20 cubic yards. The flare tube and riffle box were used a couple times on a wreck, and even minute items like brass buttons and needles were trapped in it. I used fire hose to pump the water. The Nozzle has 2" male thread, but I include in the package (see picture) a homemade brass adaptor to 2" fire hose fitting, plus a step-up adaptor to use 3" fire hose. This dredge is best used w the depth is more or less constant, and can be easily rigged to a float to move around without effort. Though I never used it in a swimming beach area, I believe under the right conditions it would work very well recovering lost jewelry. This dredge is not as effective as a surface dredge for gold prospecting, but I know little else about that specific use.

Dredge is in good operating condition. All you need is a good reliable pump and some hose and you're in business.

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