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The Keep Book
6 Historical Conditioning Exercise Keeps
Written by Old Time Dogmen
(people who actually cared about their dogs)
Written by bulldog men of old (Ken Allen, Barney Fife etc).
Shape your dog for conformation shows.
A conditioned dog will impress conformation show judges
more than an unconditioned dog.
Build strength/stamina for weight pulling and vermin hunting.
Any weight-pulling dog obviously needs strength and stamina.
So does a dog hunting large introduced pests like nutria and feral hog.
Get both yourself and your dog in good condition
with the ROADWORK KEEP (an all-walking/running keep)!
Conveniently bound in a three-ring binder.
Michael Vick clones need not bid.

I will refund a portion of the shipping fees if the shipping costs turn out to be lower than I think they are. (This applies to everyone who has already bought the book.)