KEF KUBE 102 Bass EQ Processor for Reference Series Speakers. MINT!

Please bear with me while I first explain my:

Shipping Policies

I will, on occasion, for large items, include a charge for packaging materials but I always disclose this. All items are sent insured and this charge is included in the shipping. The insurance is included as a handling charge. If my shipping seems too high to you, please ask.... ebay's system is not infallible. I will also ship most items shipped in the U.S. by FedEx if requested.

I insure using both USPS Insurance and also on occassion the Ebay shipping insurance. The cost of USPS insurance is reflected in postage on the package. Ebays Ship Cover is not shown. I only mention this to explain the difference for those that are concerned with actual shipping charges.


Ebay Feedback Policies

Feedback from my customers has a large impact on my ability to stay on ebay offering great items. The new ebay feedback system uses a star rating for feedback. I would greatly appreciate, and would be forever grateful, for an all 5 star rating from my customers. If there is an issue that needs to be addressed in order for you to leave 5 stars, please contact me in advance with any and all concerns you may have.

I will always work hard to make sure that my
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