Keiper Resolute Guitar with Floyd Rose TRS-101C Licensed Tremolo

Keiper Resolute

I don't know much about Keiper guitars other than that they are sold by a German company but probably made in the Far East. When I look on the Harmony Central web site the user reviews are generally pretty complimentary, and after owning this guitar for a while I tend to go along with that. This isn't the sort of guitar that I would normally go for, but I saw it here on Ebay and somehow ended up buying it. In fact, it was being sold in pieces as the seller was breaking it to sell the parts, and I don't like to see guitars being destroyed!

The bridge had already gone, but I managed to secure the neck complete with original tuners, and the body was complete except for the bridge. So I bought a new Japanese made TRS-101C Floyd Rose licensed bridge (a quality bit of kit by the way) and put her all back together again. And what a surprise... I was expecting a rock 'monster' but what I got was a guitar that could do the rock 'monster' stuff but also classic rock, classic blues from Peter Green to Bonamassa, 60's twang .. in fact a very versatile guitar.

I don't know what the body wood is but it's not heavy and the guitar is finished in semi-transparent red/brown which doesn't photograph well but actually doen't look too bad. The body wood may be mahogany, but I can't tell for certain. It’s fitted
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