Keith Green - The Ministry Years, Volume 1 - Two Discs

Keith Green, "The Ministry Years" Vol. 1 *Unfortunatley the cover for disc one has warping and mild water stains from being wet, but it is still legible. You cannot see that clearly in the photo but you should know it before you bid. A two disc collection of 38 songs. Each disc has it's own case. This is from a 1988 printing of the collection and cover may vary from newer versions, but track listing should be the same. see photo. Also includes a 27 page booklet about the artist. Booklet is in good condition with minor wear.
CDs play great, cases have minor wear/scuffs.
Enjoy your ebay browsing! Track listing DISC 1: 1. Because of You 2. How Can They Live Without Jesus? 3. Walk and Talk 4. Run to the End of the Highway 5. Your Love Broke Though 6. Victor, The 7. Thank You Jesus 8. Prodigal Son Suite, The 9. Stained Glass 10. Go to the Hungry Ones 11. Love With Me (Melody's Song) 12. You Put This Love in My Heart 13. There Is a Redeemer 14. No One Believes in Me Anymore 15. On the Road to Jericho 16. You! 17. When I Hear the Praises Start 18. Asleep in the Light DISC 2: 1. He'll Take Care of the Rest 2. Make My Life a Prayer to You 3. Easter Song 4. When There's Love 5. Battle Is Already Won, The 6. Pledge My Head to Heaven 7. My Eyes Are Dry 8. Song to My Parents (I Only Want to See You There) 9. Trials Turned to Gold 1
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