Ken Bucklew signed print Indiana Game Bird Stamp Grouse

This is a signed print by Indiana artist Ken Bucklew. This is the 2001 Indiana Game Bird Stamp. The painting is of a Ruffed Grouse Strutting. All of the background scenes and specimens for the game bird stamps are Owen County, Indiana settings.
I am the nephew of Ken Bucklew. All of the items I list are guaranteed authentic and come directly from Ken Bucklew. If there are any questions you have I may be able to answer them. If I cannot I can get you in contact with Ken. I will be listing many items from his archives and collections. This includes prints, signed prints, prints with remarques, originals, and other works by other artists that Ken has collected over the years.

Born in 1957, Ken Bucklew is a traditional painter ofwild and scenic Southern Indiana. He has been greatly influenced by earlier Indiana artists such as J. Ottis Adams, Adolf Shulz and T.C. Steele, whose paintings captured the essence and character of the Indiana landscape a century ago. “I’m following in their tradition, self-taught by studying their techniques and through lifelong, patient observation of the natural world.”

Following high school graduation, in 1975, he was totally paralyzed in a diving accident and has since recovered to produce his best work with limited feeling and movement in his hands. Since 1980, he has worked full time as
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