KEN LANDGRAF- BUxom Wondering Woman amazon isle Swoopa

Recent Drawings by Ken Landgraf. I'M a MOVIE STORYBOARD and COMIC BOOK ARTIST: Work is Pen, brush,& India ; ink on 8 1/2" x 11" Bristol paper. Features GORGEOUS LINEWORK, SEXY and VOLUPTUOUS BEAUTY!! My art is highly collectable- I'd love to have a drawing in your art collection - Signed by Landgraf. After finishing a Ton of Fan Commissions, and Storyboarding a Movie... I am back on Ebay !!! Credits include Marvel Comics "Wolverine vs Hercules" in the Hulk Treasury, and DC Comics "Hawkman" and "Nightwing and; Flamebird". Independent Comics include "New York City Outlaws", "Rock Comics", and "Starfighters". Storyboard artist for TV's animated "Galaxy Rangers". My artistic influences include Wally Wood, Neal Adams, Gil Kane, Montes and Bache, Matt Fox, Wrightson, Alberto Gioletti, Jack Davis, Sam Glanzman,,,Eric Burdon and the Animals, Larry the Cable Guy.... FOREIGN BIDDERS ARE WELCOME !!!! I LOVE TO SHIP TO GERMANY, ITALY, SPAIN, FRANCE, HONG KONG , JAPAN, ARGENTINA, AUSTRAILIA, CANADA,TURKEY, ICELAND, VIRGIN ISLANDS, ISRAEL, BRAZIL, ICELAND, IRELAND, ENGLAND !!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------