KEN Male anatomically correct Fashion Royalty Doll

This is an original fashion doll creation. He is NOT a re-painted, re-vamped, re-styled mass produced fashion doll. He is an all ORIGINAL doll with a new sculpted body which is then used to make silicone rubber molds and then each body part is cast in resin. The body parts are then sanded, re-sanded and then painted.

Garrison is a male fashion doll who stands 12 1/2 inches tall. He has two different body types. One is very basic, simular to an early Ken doll. The body is pose-a-ble at the neck shoulders and hips. The second body is multi jointed with 13 points of articulation. Actually 14 or 15 if you include his male genitalia, which is a two piece design which allows the penis to be posed and/or arranged to allow for dressing and undressing.

Garrison's face and body details are handpainted, such as his eye-brows and body hair (some dolls have it and others do not), tattoos and even his finger nails. The hair, depending on the style and length, is applied with a strong adhesive in either a flocked on method for very short styles or longer hair is permenatly applied and styled using a special system that leaves the hair both durable and attractive as well as realistic.

Garrisons body is strung with high quality heavy elastic cord. He is sold nude and he is as described anatomically correct. To put it plainly
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