Rare Kenner Archive Drawing of Batmobile Concepts

I was a toy designer at Kenner in the 1980's and it was a great time to be a designer. I worked on a wide variety of Kenner product lines including SuperPowers, Strawberry Shortcake, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Care Bears. I will be auctioning drawings I did for toys that made it to the shelf and perhaps more rare, drawings for toys that never saw the light of day. I have a group of rough sketches that I will be auctioning under the SuperPowers heading and none of these toys made it to the shelf. They were concepts for extending the Batman line and I did a BatCopter, Mini Copter, BatJet and Robin and a Searchlight Playset item. In the past, my rendering for a Jokermobile went in excess of a thousand dollars. Up for auction is the original underlay drawing for the Batmobile design I proposed for the SuperPowers line. The original color rendering I did of this toy based on these drawings was sold on ebay several yeaers ago and is in a private collection. What I like about these drawings is that they are the closest drawings a designer makes to his creative vision and ideas of what this toy could be. There are rough edges, pieced together drawings with tape, overdrawing of lines in places and just a rough montage of scribbles, sketches and first thoughts to refine. ( these drawings are in pieces and fragile... do not expect ... read more