! you are now bidding on RANCOR KEEPER (R.O.T.J.) you get an original figure with weapon & accessories. (note to buyers I make starwars stuff for fans on a budget so that being said the figures I offer don't always come w/ the original weapon or accessories. most of the weapons & accessories are hand crafted in some cases I will offer the original accessories when ever possible. The price will still be 10.00. buy any 12 figures within a year you will receive a choice of 2 playsets (FREE) 1. The cloud city playset or 2. The cantina adventure set. each valued at 17 00. can be purchased separately. For more info on the figures and the playsets offered check my videos on type in (SAMURAIMAN691)& select the videos from samuraiman691. for questions or more information please contact me 7 73 ask for the samuraiman. Mon, thru sun after 7pm. -Bay has instituted a new policy towards shipping. They now charge 10% commission on shipping charges. My shipping quotes now allow for this commission plus shipping material costs and travel time to the Post Office. I do try my best to keep the shipping prices as low as possible by re-using boxes and packing, but sometimes I have to buy these materials.