Kensitas 1st Series Small Silk Flowers

Kensitas 1st Series small silk flowers (6) produced from 1933!
A lovely selection comprising of: - Helenium, Primrose, Dahlia, Aster, Red Lily & Sweet Pea.
PERFECT for 'CRAZY QUILTING' Condition of Silks: generally Very Good or better Condition of Wallets: Good - Very Good
UK & International Bidders please note multiple purchases over £25.00 will be sent via 'Recorded/International signed for Delivery ' and a revised invoice submitted....please message me if you have any concerns as I wish to ensure both you & I have peace of mind!
BACKGROUND Kensitas silk flowers were given away with J.Wix & Sons Ltd Kensitas cigarettes from about 1933. Up to five different coloured threads might be used to create a single flower and hence a lot of colour variations exist. There are also a number of design varieties although these are quite rare. The silks themselves were issued in printed card wallets that gave details of the flowers,many also had adverts for the cigarettes themselves printed on the back. The silks are very delicate and prone to damage, especially if removed from their sleeves. Unfortunately, this is the only way you can actually tell the number and series of each silk without reference to a catalogue. Even the spaces in the albums were not named, " it is believed that part of the joy of
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