Kenwood KR-9340 Quad Receiver, Just Serviced

All four channel amps are working, but actual decoding of 70's 4 channel is unchecked as I have no sources. The AUX in has jacks for the front and rear. They could be driven with a "y" cord and drive 4 speakers that way. Great for stacked Advent speaker setups! It does have "A" and "B" speaker outputs of 4 channels each.

The chassis was washed and exterior fully cleaned. The power supply/protection board and amp driver board were fully recapped with better than original electrolytics caps and speaker relays replaced with new ones. All crummy carbon compostion resistors in the amp were replaced with superior film types. There are no functional issues.

All but two lamps replaced with the "stereo" one converted to LED. The dial lamps were converted from 8 volt to 6/6.3 volt types which are commonly available. The voltage was dropped to them is what I mean and new 6 volt bulbs used. The function lamps were converted to common 5 volt types. I will include bulb source info and an extra 5 volt bulb along with the original rubber dial bulb holders. Sorry, no 6 volt dial bulbs left! The dial lettering that looks blue actually has more of a greenish cast to it (actually appears aqua). Dial pointer is red. Very cool 70's look!

All switches, pushbutton and rotary as well as the pots were all cleaned/deoxidized and
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