This auction is for 1 Large Unusual Keokuk Quartz Crystal Geode, that was cracked open. This one was collected within the Keokuk Geode area. This specimen was purchased from an elderly couple in North-Eastern Missouri. They had a large collection of choice top shelf geodes from areas that are now closed to the public. I am selling some of the geodes from the collection, because I donot have room to display and keep all of them. I will be listing several from this collection that I had purchased. They are rare and very sought after specimens. This one came from the now closed St. Francisville MO. mine in Clark Co. Most of the crystals are sparkling, and some have a coating on or around them, (kaolinite). Most of the crystals are smokey-citrine color, and a bridged area in the center that has crystals of clear, milky to citrine color, along with many pyrite cubes and specks. The bottom area is mostly citrine color, and t are some calcite crystals with brown-orange coating (goethite). The calcite cluster has some white fluorescence coating in one spot. Pic. was taken dry not wet. It is about 4" across, at the widest point . Under a short-wave ultraviolet black light t is a light violet color with blue specks. It would make a good gift for someone special, Shop now I have a limited supply, this geode was found in the lower Warsaw Formation ... read more