Keokuk geodes, 1 - grapefruit size geode

First Crack Geodes

Presents :

The Keokuk Geode: Iowa's State Rock

Location: Hamilton, Illinois

Description: unopened geode kit

Up for bid is 1 - crack you own geode kit. The kit comes with 1 - grapefruit size geode, a handfull of small practice geodes, opening instructions, and a geode brochure from the Iowa DNR. I GUARANTEE the geode will be HOLLOW . You be the first to see inside this wonder of nature. This is a great item for schools, scout groups, or a fun family activity.

No one knows what is in each geode, but geodes from this location have one or more of the following inside: quartz, chalcedony, white chalcedony banding, calcite, ferroan dolomite (ankerite), kaolinite (white powder), pyrite, sphalerite, and/or barite.