KERIS holder HANUMAN Bali Kris Pusaka old tribal art statue sword java Indonesia

Keris holder Hanuman
For 1 Kris / Keris
This is an authentic Kerisholder from Indonesia. This kind of statues were used in Indonesia to honour and display the best Keris (the family Keris or Keris Pusaka) in their home.
This statue is the monkey god Hanuman .
Quote from Invincible Krises 2 page 126:
Hanuman (Anoman) is the monkey chief, mythical leader of a large troop of ape-like creatures, ally of Rama in his war against Ravana the demon -king of Lanka (Ramayana). Through the stories of Ramayana, he has become a very popular and loved character.
He is symbol of valor and loyalty. Still now in Bali Hanuman is a particularly sakti character and he is very present in the Balinese society.
The height of this statue is +/- 50 cm.
You are bidding on the Keris holder / statue only, the Keris is not part of this auction. But is for sale also.
All pictures are large and you can zoom in to see the nice details.
The above information is based on the books:
The Invincible Krises 2 , Ensiklopedi Keris and Keris Bali .
For this Keris holders I garantee that all is as the pictures and that I gave honest information for what I know and heard. Please check the pictures very carefull and judge yourself.
For details see the pictures:

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