KERIS kris dagger pusaka with pamor ** UDAN MAS **

Keris pusaka from Yoyga
with pamor Udan Mas.
This is a very nice straight keris from Yogyakarta, Central Jawa. Yogyakarta is situated in the central of Java and is one the most important city for the keris, with the keraton and big history of keris.
This Keris is very special because of its pamor Udan Mas .
This keris has also a really nice visible pamor on the blade and ganja (see detailed pictures). The pamor is really nice, but hard to get on a picture. Off course in real vision the pamor is more nice. This pamor is a Udan Mas (hujan mas) what means Golden rain. This is a very rare is considered one of the best pamors . I quote from Vol 2 of Tammens:" The pamor Udan Mas is a magnificent pamor, but difficult to describe. Basicly it concists of round shapes, made up of circle's.....Its positive character has made it especially favoured by merchants. It brings wealth. This is why krisses with this pamor motif are expensive and frequently appear as forgeries."
This keris is probably made last century. The wooden handle is "Nunggak Semi" and and typical from Yoygakarta. According to me the handle and scabbard are less old then the keris itself, but this is quite common as the wood is less strong then the keris itself. As you can see the handle is matching well with the scabbard and keris. The wooden warangka
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