Keris (Kris, sword, knife) Mataram Sultan Agung,abad 16

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Tilam Upih Keris




Mataram Sultan Agung Period, Abad 16
This is a traditional Javanese Keris. It was used not only as a weapon but as a ceremonial piece and is quite often passed from generation to generation as a family heirloom (pusaka).
The Keris are believed (especially those made in the last century and before) to have mystical powers and many Indonesian (especially Javanese) people still believe in its magical powers. It is often said that a Keris will rattle in its sheath to warn its owner of impending danger.
This Keris has a very beautiful Adeg Siji pamor.
This Keris was made during the Mataram Sultan Agung period. Tangguh (estimate of age) is abad 16.

The Keris is in excellent condition; The Dapur is Tilam Upih. The Pamor is Adeg Siji. Lajer. It measures 38.0 cm from the tip of the blade to the top of the hilt. Together with the sheath, the total measures 46.0 cm long. The length of the hilt is 11.0 cm. The Ganja, original, measures 6.5 cm. The Peksi is original. The total weighs about 1.5 kg.

The Wrangka (sheath) is gandar iras (made from one piece of wood.). The Mendak is new. The pendok is from mamas and is old. The wrangka is made from Javanese Trembalo wood and is old.

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