keris-parts, keris, Solo, Kartasura, Jawa, Indonesia

An antique keris i.e. keris -parts from Kartasura/Surakarta (Cental-Jawa), consisting of:
a) an antique warangka capu , a special shaped ladrang -style warangka , said to be prefered by older men;
b) an antique planar handle with the unusual canteng shape, a type which is said to be used during the era
KARTASURA (1708-1719) or earlier;
c) an antique pendok bunton with green laquered back and sides, the front panel decorated with lung-lungan
(floral) carvings. Such laquered pendok are called pendok kemalon and were only allowed to be worn by
princely persons;
d) an antique mendak kendit with a single belt of stones, probably domestic rubies and quartz- or yakut
e) an antique and completely ruined blade, which in this case only has the sense to bring the different
keris- parts together.
high of the hilt : ca. 9,5 cm;
length of the pendok : ca. 32,5 cm;
weight : ca. 330,0 gr.
weight (together): ca. 650,0 gr.