keris puthut kembar, Kris, Yogyakarta, Jawa, Indonesia

An antique javanese keris , probably from Yogyakarta, in a nice grained old wooden warangka sendang walikat made of kayu trembalo . The sarung (scabard) is not the original one made for the blade but belonged to a different wilah and was somewhen later worked by for the actual blade. The sheath-mouth was too big for this blade and tfore were pieces of similar wood as the warangka set into the sheath-mouth and professional worked by, so that the wilah fits perfectly.

The typical Yogyakarta-style old planar wooden hilt made of kayu kemuning with its well worked patra -carvings fits on an even old mendak parijoto made of koper/brass.

The antique straight blade has the dapur PUTHUT KEMBAR and partly light lines of a pamor kulit semangka wengkon are still visible (see photos).

The complete keris is old - the blade antique - and is in the condition as described above and shown at the photos.

length of the blade without pesi : appr. 30,5 cm;

length of the blade with hilt : appr. 39,5 cm;

length of the keris inside sheath : appr. 42,5 cm;

weight of the complete keris inside sheath : appr. 260.0 g. :

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