Kerosene Heater Replica "Cigarette Lighter" DC-100 NIB

This "very" rare collectible comes in the original factory box and it even has the original gold and silver gift wrap around it. The tape is old and has lost it's stick. The Box looks like the original shipping box the big DC100 kerosene heaters came in. The Lighters were promos for the top selling dealers of Toyostove/Kerosun's portable heaters. I don't have a date, but I imagine these were made back in the early 1970's. This is a beautiful, high quality, refillable butane lighter that uses a spark to light. This is a replica of the now famous "Toyostove DC100 (Double Clean 100) Kerosene Heater" that I have seen sell for over $600.00 on ebay. The Burner glows red and the top glass shines white to simulate the flame, just like the real heater. The Toyotomi (Toyostove and Kerosun) company has pulled their portable kerosene heater sales out of the USA for several years now. A great chance, maybe last chance, to get a piece of history and memorabilia that many of our Grandparents and Parents grew up using.

The pictures are of one already opened, but the one you will recieve has never been out of the box. I have opened both ends of the box to look for defects and any imperfections, but I did not remove the Lighter from the box. This uniqe collector's piece is made with the same high quality craftsmanship that made Toyostove
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