KERRY STRONGMAN's New Zealand Maori Greenstone Pounamu Nephrite Jade 'MERE/PATU'

MIRROR FINISH POLISH Rare Jade artifact of this beauty!

Crafted by master-carver Kerry Strongman, whose work has been displayed in international exhibitions across US and the Europe .

Mere pounamu was considered to be the most valuable of all greenstone items. They were the main symbol of chieftainship and were extremely valuable to M ā ori. ( )

Sprinkled daintily with a few qurtzy spots & also has light to dark green rivers - just enough to give the stone personality, spirit and a character to stand out from the rest.

This magnificent Greenstone Patu or ‘Mere’ is made from thick slab (substantial quantity) of New Zealand pounamu or greenstone gaining an unprecedented aura.

Very rarely is such a piece of striking and exceptional art available and this is one of those fabulous yet rare opportunities to own an authentic Mere Pounamu which attains glamorized desirability portrayed in Maori mythology.

This exotic Mere is of unforeseen finish, making it unique and stylish but with a traditional flair. This is sure to appreciate exponentially in value over the years, being an excellent portrayal of brilliant skill, outstanding finish and exceptional size, seldom available.

Flat at the blade and rounded (sectionally) at the handle adding life and character
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