Kershaw Golden Bear, Boar and Eagle, NIB Mint, German

Kershaw Knife/Dagger Set

Golden Bear

Golden Boar

Golden Eagle

Thanks for stopping in and looking at this exquisite knife/dagger set. Normally these knives/daggers were sold individually, one every year over the course of three years. The quantities were limited to 5000 each year. If an individual collected all three, they were not guaranteed matching serial numbers. However, I was able to obtain all three knives/daggers with matching serial numbers (3472) in one case designed for all three to hang on a wall or set on a table for display.

When I purchased these knives/daggers, t was only one document card and that has been lost in time. The following historical information has been gleaned from research on each knife/dagger.

Kershaw's "Original" Golden Eagle Bayonet Dagger

Originally manufactured by the world famous cutlers of Solingen , Germany , this striking bayonet dagger was designed as a ceremonial weapon for the German military. In the late 1930's the government confiscated the forging dies, equipment, and even the drawings used for the golden eagle, so that it's factories can be converted to support the pre war build up of aircraft and ship parts.

After the war, British occupational forces seized the warehouses which held the golden eagle's tooling. As
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