2 Kershaw Speedsafe Pocket Knives + 4 LED Flashlights with Batteries & Charger

The Kershaws are new, no blade play and smooth action.
The lights are used some, picked from the best and brightest in my collection.
All 4 are white tints with good output.
Batteries have been charged a few times. Charger is used.
Kershaw Volt 2 Speedsafe Pocket Kni fe
Kershaw Fatback Speedsafe Pocket Knife
Uinfire B68 Zooming Led Flashlight 14500 battery included
1 mode, zooms in for an excellent throw, good flood
best 14500 zooming led flashlight
Cree XML T6 Zooming Led Flashlight 18650 battery included
3 modes high low strobe
wide super bright flood, doesn't zoom in as tight as the small one
Thorfire VG-15 800LM 18650 battery included
4 modes high medium low moonlight, double
a bright well defined center hot-spot, moonlight mode is nice to have too
Thorfire TG06 300LM 14500 battery included
3 modes high medium low, always starts in high mode
one of the best 14500 lights made
2 Samsung 18650 3.7v 26 00mA batter ies
1 T rustfire 14500 3.7v 900 mA batte ries
1 Nitecore USB Charger with digital readout for 18650 & 14500 batteries
1 Battery Case
Ships USPS Priority Mail
this is meant to be a great deal on edc pocket knives and led flashlights
and I think it is