4 Kg Copper Bullion - Pure - Hand poured Copper Bars

4 kilo package of copper bullion, Total of 142 oz of Pure Copper Bars.

The best value copper bullion on ebay.

Each Bar is Hand Poured and Hand Stamped dh Fine Copper

The Weight of each bar is stamped in oz's

Each is cast from DRY BRIGHT COPPER 999 PURE

Each has a unique finish as they are hand poured.

All my bars weigh more than the stated weight

If you are buying copper bullion you want maximum weight for minimum price.

With these bars you get far more grams per £1 than any of the other bars on ebay.

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Since the beginning of civilization, copper has been used in coins and currency… now you can own this historic metal in bullion form with just a few !
Copper is not a noble metal and may tarnish when handled or when kept in certain environmental conditions such as extreme humidity. Tarnish tends to add “autumn” colours to copper. It can easily be removed with a mixture of vinegar and table salt.