Hallmark Presents
"Kick Butt Angel"
"POW you've got the power!"
From the Down To Earth Angels CollectionDescription:
"Everybody could use a little help from the heavens now and then. And that's w angels come in. We know the A-list Angels- bringers of peace, joy, serenity, blah, blah, blah. Great stuff, but kinda lofty. Fortunately, t are angels to bless the everyday stuff. For anyone who's ever prayed for a parking place - these down-to-earth angels are for you." Joanne Eschrich and Lee Franklin:
"We had such high hopes. As women who work full-time while taking care of families, we wanted to do it all, be it all, have it all, and manage it all perfectly. But despite our best efforts, we found ourselves a day late, a debit card short. So we tried harder. We bought new calendars. We installed closet systems. We made lists. We used combo shampoo and conditioner to save time. We made more lists. We multitasked while multitasking. With each effort, we held out the hope that finally, we'd have more time, more order, more sanity. But it wasn't happening. So we did what high-achieving, problem-solving women do when faced with a challenge: We met for lattes. Over caffeine and little chocolate (okay, a lot of chocolate), we came to the conclusion that this quest for perfection was perfectly ridiculous. We decided
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