Kidrobot South Park Figure: MR SLAVE - 2/20 - OPENED

Item Description

Here we have a Kidrobot South Park figure, MR SLAVE, made by KIDROBOT in 2011 as part of their range of South Park collectable figures.

Kidrobot figures have a rarity ratio index, meaning some figures are produced in smaller or bigger quantity in order to make them more or less rare. This figure has a ratio of 2/20.

Kidrobot figures come inside a sealed 'blind box', so the item is sold as OPENED as it was the only way to find out which figure it contains.

The figure is in as-new condition and comes complete with its card and accessories. Please note that Kidrobot figures usually come with some minor factory defaults such as little paint marks and blemishes.

The box measures approx 9cm high / 8cm long and 7cm deep and is in great condition, only showing some light signs of tearing where it was opened.

The foil is in opened condition and shows some tearing and some crumpling.

This is a great collectable item for any fan, makes an amazing and affordable present too :)

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