Kiko Block Meerschaum from Tanzania Good Condition Refurbished & Sanitized

Kiko Block Meerschaum from Tanzania Good Condition Refurbished & Sanitized

This is a Kiko block Meerschaum from Tanzania in good used condition. It is 7 " long, 6/8" across the inside rim of the bowl and 1 1/4" deep. There are minor t eethmarks and chatter on the stem and charring on the rim.

In East Africa Meerschaum is found in Tanganyika, once known as German East Africa, and since 1964 part of the United Republic of Tanzania. The main deposit comes from the Amboseli basin surrounding the Lake Amboseli. Tanganyika Meerschaum is normally stained in shades of brown, black and yellow, and is considered to be somewhat inferior to Meerschaum from Turkey. The raw material is mined by the Tanganyika Meerschaum Corporation and uncounted pipemakers throughout the world were supplied with Amboseli Meerschaum, In Tanganyika the Kilimanjaro Pipe Company Ltd. produced pipes under various names including Kiko, Kilmanjaoro etc. I don't believe in a 'Reserve' price. The price I list as the opening price of an auction is the least I am willing to accept for the pipe - needless to say, I would hope the price gets bid up but if it doesn't, well, that is the chance a seller takes.

A 'good' pipe is one that is made from quality briar, has been adequately cured and has the bore drilled correctly to provide for an easy draw.

I enjoy fixing up the old discarded pipes I get and turning them into really nice looking and good smoking pipes!! And, while doing that, I can afford to smoke pipes that I otherwise would not be able to get my hands on. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to lose money doing this, I make an average of $3.00 - $5.00 a pipe – and that is O.K. If you buy a pipe from me, at any price, and enjoy smoking that pipe then I have served the purpose I set out to fulfill when I started this ‘hobby’.

Here is the best part. If you are not satisfied, return the pipe to me and I will refund your purchase price.

I attempt to list any imperfections that I see but I can’t guarantee that all stems are the original.

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