Killer Whale Orca Totem Spirit Scrimshaw Fish Hook Sea

Because of the shape and/or design on this Scrimshaw piece,
the US Department of the Interior - Indian Arts and Crafts Board
and eBay have requested that I make it very clear,
this item was not made by a Native American. or Alaskan Native
I am just a white man who has a great deal of
respect and admiration for the
"True Native Americans."

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Scrimshaw Pendant on Leather Cord we call,

"Killer Whale Hook"

from the design studio of
Hops' Scrimshaw and Roger (HOP) Hopper.

One legend of the Killer Whale (Orca) is it was once a supernatural
white Wolf that dove into the sea and was transformed into a
Whale, then Mother Earth painted the markings on the side of
the Killer Whale as a reminder it was once a member of the
Wolf family. Certainly the Killer Whales and Wolves do share
similar traits, they stay and hunt in family groups, a family of
Wolves is called a pack, a family of Killer Whales is called a
pod. Also, like Wolves, Killer Whales are said to mate for life.

Another legend of the Killer Whale tells of the love between
a Killer Whale and an Osprey. The Killer Whale was once all black
but the Killer Whale and the Osprey loved
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