THE KILLERS Mr. Brightside Double 4 mixes Us Dj 12

it is a used record... made in the Usa released to djs and radio stations only with no commercial equivelent1. Mr Brightside- Jaques Lu Conts' Thin White Duke mix 2. Mr Brightside - The Lindbergh Palace Radio Remix 3. Mr Brightside - The Lindbergh Palace Dub 4. Mr Brightside- Jaques Lu Conts' Thin White Duke Dub Brandon Flowers (vocals/keyboards), David Keuning (guitar), Mark Stoermer (bass), and Ronnie Vannucci (drums) took the fashionista pop world by storm in summer 2004 with "Somebody Told Me." The perfectly stylish song pulls from the band's influences -- the Smiths, New Order, Oasis, and the Cure -- and it was just enough to get them on MTV. Part new wave and part new-millennium post-punk, this Las Vegas foursome originally got together in 2002. Flowers had left behind his former synth pop band, Blush Response, when he noticed a classified ad in the local newspaper placed by Keuning. Both of them were huge Oasis fans, and within weeks the two composed their soon-to-be cult hit, "Mr. Brightside." Stoermer, a former medical courier, and Vannucci, a classical percussion major at UNLV, soon joined the fray that became the Killers. The London-based indie imprint Lizard King caught wind of the band's brewing hype and quickly signed them to issue the limited-edition single for "Mr. Brightside" in fall 2003. In October, the Killers' ... read more