1 Kilo Silver Bar

About 1 Kilo Silver Bar

This 1 Troy kilo (32.15 oz) pure .999 fine silver bar is one of the most cost efficient ways to add precious metals to your investment portfolio. We buy these bars back at the same buy-back rate as the more expensive PAMP bars and minted coins, so this is your best value for a quick return on a 1 kilo size.

Bullion silver bars in larger ounces come mostly in a rectangular shape and are composed of .995 and higher purity silver. Many investors acquire kilo silver bars because they are a lower risk investment.

Bar features:

1 kilo of .999 fine silver Lower premium versus smaller bars Eligible for Precious Metals IRA Republic Metals Corp, OPM, Academy, and NTR Metals

When purchasing silver the 1 kilo bar is one of the most popular bullion items. It is important to know that smaller bars often come with a higher premium because It is more cost-effective for mints to produce 1 kilo bars than 10-ounce bars. If you are new to investing buying a silver bullion is a good start to preserving your wealth and asset diversification because larger bars will get you the most bang for your buck.

Silver bullion is the most commonly traded metal and is available in various forms, all of which are worth the same by weight, and contain the exact same amount of silver. Some investors prefer certain shapes
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