Kinder special edition Magic Sport set unopened from 2006

This auction is for a special edition German kinder Magic Sport set from 2006. This set is brand new and unopened but please note the chocolate is NOT for eating as will be way past its sell by date and is rotten!! The box includes 6 eggs, 2 of which I believe are the magic sport footballers. Set includes a football pitch and goal posts.

PLEASE NOTE! If interested in more than one of my auctions it is very important that you DO NOT PAY the invoices that ebay send out! When you have finished bidding on all the toys you are interested in please contact me and I will send you an invoice with combined, reduced postage. Thank you! :)

Please check out my other kinder auctions as I always do combine postage :)


Ebay have decided, as well as charging a fee for listing and a final value fee, that they also need a fee on the postage costs too (!!!). I don't know why, they haven't replied to my email about it, but there you go. Very unfair to buyers and sellers alike and means I have had to increase my postage slightly. I am hoping ebay will realise how unfair this new policy is and will stop it soon, if they do I will reduce my postage accordingly.

International bidders please pay by PAYPAL only thanks. Please pay within 3 days of auction ending, unless letting me know otherwise.
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