Kindle Voyage WiFi : No ads, EXC cond, w/charge cable, USB adapter, origami case

This WiFi-only version of the Kindle Voyage is in excellent condition, both cosmetically and functionally. It has been lightly used-in fact, that's the reason I'm selling it. In the year I've owned it, I've found that I prefer reading in color on my iPad: except for outdoors. Nothing is better than a grayscale Kindle like the Voyage for reading in sunshine or bright light. The text is crisp and clear. And for reading at night, you can adjust the backlight: important not just for readability, but also for avoiding that stimulation from certain wavelengths of light that experts say keeps us awake. That might happen with an iPad, but not with this Kindle. You can read a book in bed and not worry about it keeping you from sleep.
This version comes without ads [or special offers, as Amazon calls them], as I paid extra to have them turned off.
It will ship in the original box with the original charging cable. Note that although Amazon sells Kindles without any USB power adapter, I have included one so you won't have to buy one yourself.
It will also come with the ACcase Kindle Voyage Protective Case, in purple, a slim case with the Auto Wake Sleep feature. I have really liked this case; it fits the Voyage perfectly, protects it well, the magnetic cover closes tightly, and the auto wake feature functions perfectly. Even though
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