KING DIAMOND "Them" NEW 2002 JAPAN Remaster CD+3 Bonus Mercyful Fate Motorhead

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King Diamond - "Them" + 3 BONUS TRACKS

1. Out from the Asylum
2. Welcome Home
3. The Invisible Guests
4. Tea
5. Mother's Getting Weaker
6. Bye, Bye, Missy
7. A Broken Spell
8. The Accusation Chair
9. "Them"
10. Twilight Symphony
11. Coming Home


12. Phone Call
13. The Invisible Guests (Rehearsal)
14. Bye, Bye, Missy (Rehearsal)

Only this LONG OUT OF PRINT Still Brand New/Factory Sealed , Most Desirable, Most Prestigious and Most Superior Genuine(Official) Japanese Audiophile Pressing CD features the Unique to Japan Only Obi and Multi-Page Cover Artwork/Insert Booklet with Liner Notes as well as the English and Japanse Lyrics Transcriptions etc

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