Kingdom Melodies Cassettes on CD Watchtower Jehovah's Witnesses JW Music

These recordings are NOT available on official CDs or .

8 Volumes of Kingdom Melodies, as well as a special bonus!

In 1980, The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society released the first of its "Kingdom Melodies" cassettes. Every year thereafter, a new cassette was released. When time came to make CDs in the late 1980's, they re-recorded the first six volumes. The versions on cassette never saw the light of day again. The new CD volumes are on . Volumes 7-9 were also made on CD and cassette, but only volume 9 is on .

This CD set includes all six cassette versions, plus volumes 7 & 8 which are missing from the website.

As a bonus, I am including 2 CDs of the "Prelude" versions which are played before Assembly and Convention sessions. These Preludes are all from the past five years, and include songs from "Sing to Jehovah".

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