Kingsbury Little Jim Windup Pressed Steel Airplane Monoplane Air Express Girard

Up for auction is an awesome little pressed steel Kingsbury windup Monoplane from my collection. Excellent condition with all original parts and steel wheels. Wind up works but would need oiling to work efficiently, I normally do not oil my collection. I have never seen this version monoplane anywhere else and most versions have rubber wheels. Decals are similar to the Air Express plane in the last photo and the store label is created like a vintage hang tag. See all photos for details.
I never noticed until taking these pictures, but the Wing is backwards? To be honest, it actually looks like the wing stamping has the wing flaps on the wrong edge. When you reverse the wing it looks funny and the tapered edge is backwards, based on a real plane of the time. However...On a shelf it makes no difference and the wing will come disassembled for you to make your own choice.
I have a lot of Pressed Steel Toy items and Vintage Bakelite Radios I'll be listing in the coming weeks and months.

Dimensions in Inches: 1 5 Wingspan x 4-1/2 Height x 15 Length

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