Exclusive Eric Carr 72 Card, Trading Card set !HARD TO FIND! This is an official Eric Carr Trading Card set, which was released in 2000 and limited to 500 sets world wide. This rare set features 72 full color photographs of Eric with and without Makup, which cover his 11 years with Kiss and more. Photographs by, Barry Levin, Mark Weiss and many other famous Rock and Roll Photographers, have been included, which, make this Card set unforgettable! You will enjoy, photos from the Kiss Unmasked era, The Elder, Crazy Nights, Asylum and more, many which were never been released. This set also consist of many of Eric Carr's personally owned photos. Many include very cool pre-Kiss photos which trace his music History, from the early 60's all the way to his Kiss years, even some shots of Eric as a child. Eric's fans, have also contributed their photos, to be a part of this set! Each card is full color back and front with a nice gloss finish on each card. On the back of each card you will find some very informative facts and short stories, which were contributed by Eric's fans, friends, and family. Don't miss out! This set is next to impossible to find and has long been out of print! This is the Official Eric Carr trading card set. T are a total of 72 different cards. The cover card is an Illustration by the world known, artist Shannon, who ... read more