KISS- Paul Stanley HUGE " Bust Statue

Very cool Bust Statue of KISS lead singer Paul Stanley. These busts were made by Spencer Gifts in 1999 and I bought them new in 2000 for $150 each, original price tags, still on box. They came with COAs but, I don't have the one that came with Paul. I don't know w it is, it just wasn't in the box. The only thing that the certificate said was that they were created by Spencer Gifts and they were fashioned after their Destroyer glory. They weren't individually numbered or anything like that, so the certificate was really nothing of added value, in my opinion.

Very cool details. Rose tattoo on right arm, line of roses climbing up his right side also, very nicely detailed. Chain climbing up his left side with crystals on his costume and crystals on the choker necklace that he is wearing. The necklace he has hanging around his neck is some sort of black stone. This statue is hand painted and very nicely detailed. While the box itself is pretty beat-up looking, the statue is not cracked, chipped, or any other damage whatsoever.

If you are a KISS fan, or a Paul Stanley fan, you will love this statue. It is very cool looking and the only reason I am selling it is because it has been in storage since I bought them 8 years ago. I simply don't have room for them along with my Beatles memorabilia, so someone else may as well
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